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Media Trek

SkyDesk Media Trek* is a cloud-based voice guidance application which uses the GPS (Global Positioning System) information of your mobile device. It automatically starts voice guidance when you are near a location configured with guidance information.

Imagine a tourist who is using Media Trek mobile application with GPS has been activated, can simply select a specific “Book”, and the voice guidance will automatically start when it is near the sightseeing location. 

(*App is named SkyDesk Media Trek in the Asia Pacific, while same app is named Sorata Media Trek in Europe and America.) 

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Media Trek Service Flow

Usage Scenario

Audio Guide Service Providers can leverage on Media Trek to enhance their businesses. 

A diverse range of industries may include Local Government, Tour Agencies and Educational Institution (Schools).

Using Media Trek helps to boost local business by attracting tourists to explore more about the promoted country.

Media Trek can provide linguistic diversity for tourists to discover the beauty of cultural differences.

Students can play the voice guidance of various locations while travelling on excursion bus. They can adopt an active learning experience with Media Trek. 

Functional Benefits

Audio Guide Service Provider

Minimum knowledge is required to use the Authoring Tool to create Book.

Easy to deliver new guide according to the events or new requirements.

A cloud-based system that saves cost to hire programmers and reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Various languages are available in the audio guide such as English, Japanese, Mandarin or Korean.

Audio Guide User

Users can access the Book through mobile devices at specific locations.

Users can multi-task by reading a map and listening to the audio content.

Easy to use with simple steps to follow for installation.

Selection on preferred language audio guide book.

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